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It's true. Shopping is loved by all gay people.

Like, totally. I love shopping with people I like, as opposed to people like, say, family.

So went to Taco Bell and had to just chill for four hours waiting for Cirrus to get off so we could go to the Mills and I could buy my shirts I wanted. When we get there we go to Tilly's, I buy a neat blue shirt with lng grey thermal looking sleeves, and a really neat looking jacket that Cirrus got one of too. After we check out, we are sitting just watching the Michelle Branch video that they have playing, and after Cirrus comments, "I need a cigarette." We laugh, the employees who heard us laugh, and one lady that worked there looked over and said, "Yeah, I know the feeling." We laugh again and head over to Spencer's, because damn it, I want a halloween costume. They may not have had the one I wanted, but it's ok, I guess, because I bought a school-girl outfit that doesn't really have to be worn only on halloween....

Anyway, after we head over to the 'yote den, for some DDR and Smash Bros. I was all proud of myself because I managed to dance my way all the way to an A on standard mode on the song Breakdown, which is 190 bpm. I was rather damn happy, only to be made a bit happier by actually beating somebody at Smash Bros. Finally, we head over to pick up Blue only to be left stranded outside for like half an hour longer since he got off late. SO we forced him to buy us Denny's, and I had the best damn french toast i've had in a while. Now we're home, and the strangest part of the evening was explaining to the 22 or so year old boyfriend of Vulpie's sister the difference between testosterone and estrogen and the effects they have on the human body. Well, to the best of my knowledge, anyway.

But yeah. A fun day. And I don't work until tomorrow evening, so I can even sleep in. I am a happy coon.

PS - I'm going to buy Typer Shark. I love that game.
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