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Doo de doo! New high score!!

Ok, first off, i'm totally getting better at this driving thing. It's not nearly as nerve-wracking as it was, it's alot easier to remember all the stuff i'm supposed to do (except headlights for some reason, damn my excellent night vision), and I can even drive on the freeway no problem.

Now on to the interesting stuff. I had the WORLD'S BIGGEST DRIVE-THRU ORDER EVER tonight. I wasn't on drive-thru for the whole night, in fact the only time I was was when I sent the person who was on their break. During that time, it was pretty standard, up until I had one man who first ordered the dreaded grande combo. Now, for those of you who don't know, if you're going to place a large order at a fast food restaurant, do it inside, not in drive-thru. Drive-thru is designed for speed, and it ruins everything when some jackass orders like 7 combos or like 15 tacos and expects it all out in one minute. So it irks us a bit when somebody orders a grande combo, but usually we can deal with it. So at first we were like, "blah, but ok." Then he ordered another. Then he ordered ten beef combo burritos. Then we were really spazzing. Then he ordered ten enchiritos. Then we were like, is he for real? Then he ordered ten tostadas. Then we thought he was just being a dick. Then he ordered ten cinnamon twists. Then he ordered ten empanadas. So to re-iterate:

10 hard tacos
10 soft tacos
10 beef combo burritos
10 enchiritos
10 tostadas
10 cinnamon twists
10 empanadas

His order came out to $83.29. He paid with one ten and the rest fives. And surprisingly, I didn't want to kill him. It really just kinda made me laugh. I even gave the guy one of our small bags completely filled with mild, hot and fire sauce. And it's even more fun because now I can hold over Vulpie's head that between the two of us, i've gotten the bigger order.

And that's all the news that's fit to print.

And now something not worth printing - since Blue swears there are an infinite number of alternate universes, we decided that there is one where I got into a car accident tonight which led me to realize I should be a professional belly dancer who then got kidnapped by the CIA for dancing secret messages to the russians only to be released onto a football field where I begin my career as the world's greatest cross-dressing linebacker (who weighs like 107 pounds), marry Vulpie, and we have seven kids all named Steve, but in ways like: Steve-green, Steve41, Steve version 3.0, Stevebackwards, the square root of Steve, and so on. Oh, and as a linebacker, I make 38.2 dollars a year.

We're not always like this, we're just kinda hyper tonight.
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