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Good news amongst bad feelings.

First, the bad feelings, to set the mood. My legs hurt from standing all day, i'm really tired and mentally exhausted from drive-thru dipshits, and my paycheck for all my hard work didn't even break 400. So yeah, i'm a little pissy. Also, I found out that this weekend is going to suck, because we have to go to get our food handlers cards this Saturday at like 8am at some place really far away, which suggests we get to wake up at six to go to school for a while, then the next day we have to be at work at 8 for some mandatory all-employee meeting. So yeah, crap.

On the plus side, I saw my new schedule for the week, and it couldn't be more awesome. I only work morning one day, Sunday, which is the easiest day since it's slow, all my night shifts have been extended so I make more, and I even close one night, and Blue will be the manager that night! It's going to be sweet.

Oh yeah, and I have the day off tomorrow. So Cirrus and I are going to go shopping. Yay, more clothes!
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