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Kah-tah-mahr-ee Dah-mah-shee

Ay Dios mio, game es muy loco. Azure mucho gusto, es muy bueno.

He just rolled up an entire island. The one he started on. The one it took like a whole 30 seconds to get across before. He picked up the whole thing. THE WHOLE THING. I hate him.

I bought new pants. They're kinda like bell-bottoms, only not so big or goofy looking. And they're kinda tight, and they look awesome, and i'm going to buy more. (Yes, they are girl's pants.)

I totally didn't get to do either of my costume ideas, or even the schoolgirl one, because all the stuff I bought ended up not fitting. So, what I did is put a bunch of little things together, painting my face white and blackening my eyes, putting the hair in pigtails (I didn't realize quite how long it was), and my official title was 'girl caught in an abusive relationship'. And yes, I went to work like that. In a skirt. Everybody loved it, and one girl that I work with told a friend something along the lines of 'Girl, I saw that boy in that skirt and totally wanted to like rape him or somethin'.' Yeah. It was funny.

You are not good at Katamari Damacy until you have a katamari over 700m big. Because then it's fun!
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