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The road calls to me, beckons softly...

It says, "OMG go faster, you just got passed by a truck!"

Yeah, I got my learner's permit about 4 days ago, and since then Blue has been letting me drive home at night after work. It's not so bad, I felt kinda dumb at first because of the fact that it just seemed like I couldn't do anything right. I couldn't apply the right pressure to the pedals, I couldn't turn properly, I wasn't even checking the mirrors right and I kept forgetting to signal or even turn on my headlights (so that's what that car was flashing at me for...). But tonight, I started out and for some reason wasn't the least bit nervous and it seemed exponentially easier. I did -almost- everything correctly, like ninety nine percent. Shortly before we arrived home, I asked him how I did, and he said (not surprisingly), "exponentially better." So now i'm all proud of myself and after one more night driving home i'm going to try the freeway. Wish me luck.

Oh, and to explain the opening of this little tidbit - about five minutes from home at a stoplight a truck was behind me, making me a bit nervous, and of course it didn't help when right after the turn he decided I was in his way and drove around me and then got right back in front of me. He only passed me for the purpose of passing, didn't turn or anything. Jerk.

Other than that, with any luck i'll be certified as a manager within two weeks or so, since apparently Lilia and Jenny (boss man's sister) are so desperate for me to. So, won't that be nice.

Also, Blue talked me into shaving (almost) everything. I didn't shave that part mainly because it would itch and burn like crazy, but I got more than usual, and of course, that part itches and burns. It is nice to have completely shaven legs again though. Nice and smooth....

I need to get a tan. Bad.
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